Induction of Labor—Why or Why Not?

Labor induction is the use of artificial means to start uterine contractions, with the purpose of ending a pregnancy. “Artificial means” includes methods that use synthetic substances such as pharmaceuticals, natural substances such as herbs and homeopathic remedies, or mechanical forces such as sweeping membranes or artificial rupture of the amniotic sac. The list of ways to try to force labor to begin is long.

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About Author: Sarita Bennett

Sarita Bennett learned about birth in the traditional midwifery model: by attending those families who chose homebirth early in the movement. Most of the 40 years she has served as a midwife and family practice physician were spent in a rural, mountainous region that is far from any hospital with surgical capability or obstetric providers. This led to her developing a detailed understanding of reproductive physiology and the interrelatedness of all parts of the reproductive process. The added experience of teaching—from homeschool with her children to medical students—has given her the ability to explain complicated concepts in understandable terms. Fueled by a passion for supporting healthy humans, Sarita is excited to share her embodied knowledge with those who are on the same journey toward building thriving communities.

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