Josie’s Triumphant Home VBAC

One afternoon on my way home from a prenatal visit, I received a message from a doula friend of mine. She had a close friend who had been planning an in-hospital VBAC after two cesareans, and her Ob/Gyn informed her at 36 weeks that they were no longer willing to do a VBAC (no reason given) and that she should schedule a cesarean with them immediately. My doula friend explained that the family had been trying for two weeks to find a midwife who would assist with a homebirth on such short notice and had no luck. At this point they were planning to birth at home unattended, though that was not their first choice. Would I talk to them? Of course I would.

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About Author: Lois Wilson

Lois Wilson has been serving women and families as a midwife, teacher, activist, and advocate since 1986. She believes that birth is a sacred and natural event and that all birthing families deserve the very best support. She also believes that we should choose our teachers and mentors wisely because we will become like them. Lois is the founder and director of True Heart Birthing, a mentoring program for new and aspiring midwives, doulas, and birthworkers that is set apart by our deep faith in natural and undisturbed birthing and our belief that a hands-on, mentoring approach to learning the art, heart, and skills essential to your practice is far superior to institutional and online learning. Lois is committed to keeping the true heart of birthing alive and thriving, and passing it on to the next generation.

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