Leaving the Farmhouse: Musings on the First Stage of Labor

I have been asked to write about the first stage of labor and I will, I promise. However, this topic cannot be discussed without also talking about related matters, so please bear with me as we travel in and out from 1 cm to the big 10 (or, in the case of a breech baby, 11!).

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About Author: Nancy Wainer

Nancy Wainer, CPM, has been a midwife since 1998 and involved in birth for much longer. She co-founded the first cesarean awareness and prevention organization in the world and coined the term VBAC. Her landmark book, Silent Knife: Cesarean Prevention and VBAC, won an award for the best book in the field of health and medicine. She attends births, trains student midwives, and is currently working diligently on her third book, Birthquake! A Childbirth Book for Strong Women and Women Who Want to Be Strong.

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