Mothers’ Voices: Midwifery Care Makes the Difference

Midwives the world over provide women with health care antenatally, during birth, postpartum, and when breastfeeding and raising young children. They provide education in all of these fields, as well as in family spacing, and also provide care in women’s general health. Midwives in different countries will have different regulations and rules for what care they can give, but all assist women during these transitional times of their lives.
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About Author: Joy Hearn

Joy Hearn, RN, BSN, CPM, lives in Kathmandu, Nepal, with her family. She has had articles published in The Journal of Christian Nursing, Women of the Harvest, and Midwifery Today. She is working on a website on childbirth education in Nepali to help Nepali families make informed choices in their pregnancies and births.

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