The Birth of a Midwife (with a long latent phase)

I never thought much about childbirth until I became pregnant in 1970. I naively expected to have a normal, natural birth. I never quite understood why I was expected to see a doctor and go to the hospital. I believed God designed our bodies to give birth, and I trusted in that design. I was not sick; I was pregnant.
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About Author: Marlene Waechter

Marlene Waechter, DEM , is a pioneer Catholic midwife who has served in southern Ohio since the 1970s. She is the mother of seven grown children, including five home-born—one of whom was born in water. She is also grandmother to 18 grandchildren, including four VBACs. Besides being a long-time contributor to Midwifery Today, Marlene co-authored the book The Joyful Mysteries of Childbirth, a practical and spiritual guide for Christian families.

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