Cultural Lack of Birth Experience Empowers Media Representations, Not Women

If the message sent to the public continues to portray birth as a frightening medical procedure, how will women come to trust their bodies and resist interventions? If birth with drugs in hospitals continues to be normalized in the media, how will women understand the benefits of midwifery in out-of-hospital settings?

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About Author: Colleen Bak

Colleen Bak, MA, CD (DONA), has a BA in anthropology from NYU. She also earned her Masters in their Gallatin program, concentrating on modern birth politics in the US with a focus on the homebirth movement and the legality of midwifery. She currently works as a doula and a birth assistant with a homebirth midwifery practice. She was a founding member of the board of directors of Friends of the Birth Center, a nonprofit organization dedicated to aiding in the establishment of an independent birth center in Manhattan. She is the mother of three daughters, lovingly born at home into the hands of midwives. For more information on Colleen please visit

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