Midwifery Today Issue 127

Issue 127

Autumn 2018

Midwifery Today Issue 127Theme: Birth

“Birth” is the theme of Issue 127 of Midwifery Today. This magazine will take you through many aspects of birth, from the amazing action and interaction of different body parts, to the role of fathers, to how doulas help military families giving birth away from friends and family. you can also read more in our continuing series “The Portable Midwife” by Regina Willette and midwives in history by Jane Beal, as well as birth stories, clinical information, and stories from midwives on the front lines of birth.

Cover photo by Paige Driscoll (santacruzbirthphotographer.com). Paige is an award-winning photographer and a doula, as well as a mother to five boys. She is a storyteller of real-life moments, specializing in birth and motherhood. Her children’s births were the most beautiful and empowering experiences of her life and led her to become a birthworker. She is a certified birth doula, with training through Childbirth International, DONA International, and Hypnobabies, with a BA in Child and Adolescent Development. She has attended over 150 births. Her goal is to help parents feel confident, safe, and supported during birth, while documenting their journey. With a passion for birth and extensive experience as a photographer and birthworker, she is able to support women in labor and capture the true rawness and beauty of birth as it unfolds.

Pictured: “This is the moment. The moment the joy and relief of seeing our little girl for the first time overcame the exhaustion and exertion of the prior six hours. The moment when we fell so in love that I forgot about the intensity of the labor. … The moment that made it all worthwhile.” —Deborah Peck, mother

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