Issue 128

Winter 2018

Midwifery Today Issue 128Theme: Labor Complications

Make sure you receive the next edition of Midwifery Today magazine, which hits newsstands, mailboxes, and Midwifery Today online this December. Our Winter 2018 issue is dedicated to the topic “Labor Complications” and is filled with clinical articles, vital information, midwifery tricks of the trade, gorgeous birth photos, and delightful homebirth stories from around the world.

“Labor Complications” can occur at anytime, expected or not, and midwives need to be knowledgeable about and prepared for them. This Winter 2018 issue offers a refresher for some of those complications—including umbilical cord prolapse and learning to handle the unexpected. In addition, it includes the usual birth stories and practical advice for midwives and doulas, along with birth practices, customs, and rituals in three different countries, and enjoyable writings by Sister MorningStar, Michel Odent, Jane Beal, the continuing series “The Portable Midwife” by Regina Willette, and much more!

Cover photo by Rebecca Walsh. She is a devoted mother and birth photographer in Denver, Colorado. In 2017 she partnered with the talented Monet Nicole ( and together the two have beautifully documented hundreds of births across the Denver Metro area. Rebecca’s passion to document the human experience derives from personal tragedy, as well as years of clinical experience in a pediatric hospital. She has found that documenting the rawness of life helps give people perspective and helps them process their experiences. She feels it’s a blessing and a true honor to provide that.

Pictured: Gabrielle Palmer, moments after birth, embracing a beautiful daughter she quickly and fiercely birthed into the world. This birth was supported by the Denver Center for Birth and Wellness, and the family was intensely loved and cared for by Dr. Shari Long Romero.

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