Midwifery Today Issue 36

Issue 36

Winter 1995

Midwifery Today Issue 36 Theme: Prematurity

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On the Cover

  • Precious essences—Marie Miczak
    Essential oils for labor and birth.
  • Posterior Labor: A Pain in the Back—Valerie El Halta
    Ways to correct the condition with minimal intervention.
  • Making a difference—Betty E. Walter
    An at-home mom is the most central role model in her child’s life.
  • The role of nutrition in preterm labor—Anne Frye
    Preterm labor and inadequate maternal nutrition are linked.

Other Features

  • The Night of My Labor—Linda Kemp
    A humorous take-off on the classic holiday poem.
  • Death before life—Jennifer Hall
    A midwife cares for a couple with an intrauterine death.
  • No more cranberry juice!—Sharon Glass Jonquil
    A teen-ager pregnant with twins is diagnosed with pyelonephritis.
  • Tragic histories—Candace Whitridge
    Safe environments help teen-agers open up to caregivers.
  • Stopping the cycle—Chellisa Brown
    Domestic violence and teen mothers.
  • Prematurity—Sharon Glass Jonquil
    Risk factors, causes and treatments.
  • Premature babes—Judy Edmunds
    Birth stories from a homebirth midwife.
  • Too small, too soon—Valerie El Halta
    Identifying the woman at risk for prematurity.
  • Island hopping—Toni Romp-Friesen
    This Hawaiian midwife has the best of both worlds.
  • Little Black Book—Sharon Glass Jonquil
    Preterm labor page for your notebook.
  • Weaving a web of birth information—Donna Dolezal Zelzer
    Birth information on the World Wide Web.
  • The most supportive things—Gloria J. Lemay
    Women reflect on the things that helped during their labors.
  • Posterior or transverse—Marjorie Dacko
    We “listened in” on an online chat.
  • Courageous or foolhardy?—Jude Kurokawa
    Hands-on “practice” with a precipitous breech birth.


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