Midwifery Today Issue 42

Issue 42

Summer 1997

Midwifery Today Issue 42 Theme: Autonomy

Autonomy and relatedness are not exclusive of each other, Marion Toepke McLean, CNM, maintains in her ongoing column, “Marion’s Message.” Several articles in Issue 42 support that theory while they explore why and how midwives and families can achieve autonomy in regard to birth and the practice of midwifery. An update on group B streptococcus, articles on shoulder dystocia and breech homebirth, and a remarkably thorough look at breast yeast are just some of the topics that round out this issue.

Cover Photo by Lise Alexander

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  • Wise Owls: An Assured Place—Judy Edmunds
  • Autonomy: Central Issue of Midwifery—Marsden Wagner
  • Preserving Autonomy—Valerie El Halta
  • Autonomy Definition, Education—Robbie Davis-Floyd
  • Autonomy at Work: Woman-Centered Care—Elizabeth Davis
  • Autonomy Means Teamwork—Judie Hamilton & Michele Bouche
  • Internal Ecosystem Health—Katie Gates Gatsas
  • Group B Strep Update—Sharon Glass Jonquil
  • Waiting for Shoulders—Gail Hart
  • Homebirth Breech: Why No Midwife?—Zoey Helenske
  • Breast Yeast—Chris Hafner-Eaton
  • Weight Gain and Pregnancy—Sharon Glass Jonquil

International Midwife

  • Heeding Warnings: … Inuit Part 2—Betty-Anne Daviss
  • Autonomy: Using Your Full Potential—Naoli Vinaver
  • Amish Miracle Baby—Elizabeth von der Ahe
  • Birth Customs in Uganda—Edith K. Bamugye
  • Culture to Culture: Roma Birthwheel—Jennifer Wright
  • Mexico: Birth in Transition—Barbara Wishingrad
  • Why Midwifery Must be Autonomous—John Stevenson


  • From the Editor
  • Poem: “Midwife”
  • Networking
  • Tricks of the Trade
  • Marion’s Message
  • Question of the Quarter
  • Wisdom of the Midwives
  • Journal Abstracts
  • Media Reviews
  • News
  • Calendar
  • Classified Advertising
  • In My Opinion
  • Photo Album

International Midwife

  • From the Editor
  • Cards and Letters
  • Initiating Change: Eliminating Fear
  • International News
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