Midwifery Today Issue 41

Issue 41

Spring 1997

Midwifery Today Issue 41 Theme:  Miscarriage & Infertility

Miscarriage and infertility, supporting mothers who miscarry, processing grief and healing, recurrent spontaneous abortion, homebirth after infertility and all the emotions of loss are addressed in Issue 41. It’s a must if you have experienced loss or need to help someone who has. Additionally, you can read articles on amniotic fluid, empowered birth and tandem nursing. Then, learn how to cross cultures in your own backyard, hear about global perspectives, and travel to Bali for a beautiful birth story.

Cover Photo by Harriette Hartigan

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  • The Flow of Waters—Sharon Glass Jonquil, CNM
  • Empowered Birth—Marnie Larsen-Ko
  • An Uneasy Peace—Valerie Morris
  • Vaginal Birth 2, Cesarean Section 0—Sandra Dederscheck
  • Double Dippers—Marnie Larsen-Ko
  • Relationship Between Shoe Size & Mode of Delivery—Gorman, Noble and Andrews

On the Theme of Miscarriage and Infertility

  • Doula for the Bereaved—Kathryn Miller Ridiman
  • Poem: “Our Baby”—Teri M. Stuckman
  • Poem: “little angel, for Angelito”—Elizabeth Perdomo
  • Miscarriage: A Process of Grief and Healing—Jennifer Hall
  • Early Pregnancy Losses—Fran Rybarik, RN, MPH
  • Lost Babies—Patti Carroll-Frey
  • Recurrent Spontaneous Abortion—Sharon Glass Jonquil, CNM
  • Infertility: A Cycle of Hope and Disappointment—Abbie Kleppa
  • I’ll Always Remember—Kathryn Miller Ridiman
  • Good Birth and Infertility: A Long-Awaited Homebirth—Judith Gips

International Midwife

  • Nourishing Brew—Jan Tritten
  • Gaining Perspective—Marsden Wagner
  • Birth as a Community ExperienceLois Wilson
  • Traditional and Modern Midwives in Uganda—Marion Toepke McLean, CNM
  • Second Trimester Miscarriage at Home—Alison Bastien
  • Crossing Cultures in Your Own Backyard—Valerie El Halta
  • Conference Excerpts: Global Perspectives in Birth & Midwifery First Stage Difficulties
  • Birth in Santa Maria de la Esperanza—Nancy McClellan, CNM
  • The Midwife and Moral Dilemma—Patricia A. Barki
  • Made Sriasih’s Big Baby Boy—Robin Lim


  • From the Editor
  • Poem: “they invite us in”—Judy Edmunds
  • Networking
  • Tricks of the Trade
  • Marion’s Message
  • Question of the Quarter
  • Words of Midwives
  • Media Reviews
  • Journal Abstracts
  • News and Views
  • Calendar, Events
  • Classified Advertising
  • In My Opinion
  • Photo Album

International Midwife

  • Cards and Letters
  • Initiating Change: At the Heart Level—Clarebeth Loprinzi-Kassel and Cher Mikkola
  • International News
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