Midwifery Today Issue 40

Issue 40

Winter 1996

Midwifery Today Issue 40 Theme: Nutrition

Good nutrition is the single most important building block for a healthy pregnancy and a strong, healthy baby. Issue 40 interviews Dr. Tom Brewer, whose undying campaign to nourish pregnant women has saved tens of thousands from toxemia. Dr. Michel Odent shares his wisdom on nutrition and health. Eating disorders during pregnancy, vitamin K, ethics, and a triumphant birth story are some of the other highlights of this issue. The International Midwife section gives us the first installment of an extraordinary article on the Inuit written by anthropologist Betty-Anne Daviss.

Our photographer is Lise Alexander of Vancouver, Washington.

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  • Tribute to Tom Brewer
  • Book Review: Metabolic Toxemia of Late Pregnancy—Anne Frye
  • Land Food… Sea Food… Brain Food—Michel Odent
  • A Pre-Eclampsia Experience—Dawn James
  • Eating Disorders and Pregnancy—Juliann R. Ambroz
  • Arc of the Pendulum—Katherine Jensen
  • If She’s Completely Satisfied…—Diana Korte
  • Vitamin K: Is It Necessary?—Jennifer Enoch
  • Devin is Born—Sara Sutler-Cohen
  • Important Things I’ve Learned About Birth and Midwifery—Rahima Baldwin Dancy
  • Why Should Midwives Be Concerned With Ethics?—Joyce E. Thompson

International Midwife

  • Crown Jewels of Nepal—Mavis Smith
  • Birth in Juarez: Point of No Return—Sarah Gemmell
  • Heeding Warnings from the Canary, the Whale, and the Inuit—Betty-Anne Daviss
  • Inuit Midwives: Their Stories (compilation)
  • “Birth Is a Normal Part of Life”—Leah Qinuajuak
  • Inuit Birth liaditions—Leah Qinuajuak
  • Fiji: A Counliy That Loves Family—Gina Farber
  • Initiating Change: Happy Child Foundation—Gina Farber
  • International Code of Ethics for Midwives


  • Editor’s Page—Jan liitten
    Spanish Version
  • Poeliy—Debi Thomas
  • Networking
  • liicks of the liade
  • Marion’s Message
  • Question of the Quarter
  • Media Reviews
  • News
  • Journal Absliacts
  • Calendar
  • Classified Advertising
  • In My Opinion—Vicki Patsdauter
  • Photo Album

International Midwife

  • Editor’s Page
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