Midwifery Today Issue 39

Issue 39

Autumn 1996

Midwifery Today Issue 39
Theme: Multiple Births

Pregnancy with twins—or more!—doesn’t mean a woman has to have a hospital birth. Numerous stories by midwives and mothers in Issue 39 tell you why. Henci Goer, author of two books on medical interventions in birth, takes a critical look at ultrasound and finds it coming up seriously short. Molar pregnancy, waterbirth and postpartum streptococcus are some of the other topics this issue covers.

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Multiple Birth Articles

  • Twin Pregnancy: Exercising Your Options—Judy Edmunds
  • Homebirth Twins—Susan Smith, RN, RM
  • Twins: A Special Occurrence and Study Outline—Valerie El Halta, CPM
  • Hide and Seek Twins—Maria C. Wolford
  • Water Twins—Peggy Sawyer

Other Cover Articles

  • Birth Stools: In Harmony with Gravity—Susan Smith, RN, RM
    Some midwives’ clients love birth stools and chairs.
  • Postpartum Streptococcal Toxic Shock—Lewis E. Mehl-Madrona, M.D. and Morgaine Mehl-Madrona
    A review of cases of Group A beta-hemolytic streptococcus (GABHS) in postpartum new mothers.

Other Features

  • Ultrasound Imaging: Handle with Care—Henci Goer, CNM
    Analysis of the risks as well as benefits to ultrasound imaging.
  • Fetus Frightening Room—Sara Liebling, CNM
    Can a transport to hospital turn a baby? Surprise!
  • The Sacroiliac joint: Major Cause of Backache—Trenna Wicks, PT
    Techniques to ease pain from backache in pregnancy.
  • Molar Pregnancy: A Case Study and Review—Sharon Glass Jonquil, CNM
    Indications, complication and treatment for gestational trophoblastic disease.
  • Integrating Water into Maternity Care—Jill Cohen
    Notes from the First North American Conference on Nurturing Women: Integrating Water into Maternity Care.
  • Varicella and Pregnancy—Sharon Glass Jonquil, CNMCare of pregnant patients exposed to chicken pox.
  • Subject Index to Issues 33-36
  • Thanks, My Son, for Teaching Me How to Dance—Yvonda L. Hendrick, C.M., LPN, CCE
    In Memory of Justin Michael Hendrick.


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