Midwifery Today Issue 65

Issue 65

Spring 2003

Midwifery Today Issue 65 Theme: Tear Prevention

Articles in this issue of Midwifery Today include:

  •  Is Prevention Always the Best Cure?
  •  The Art of the Sitz Bath
  •  Champagne and the Fetus Ejection Reflex
  •  Everything You Need to Know to Prevent Perineal Tearing
  •  Easing the Baby Out
  •  Dehydration and the Infant: Warning Signs and Treatment
  •  Homeopathy for the Childbirth Attendant

Cover photo of Jan Tritten’s hands by Jennifer Rosenberg

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  • Champagne and the Fetus Ejection Reflex—Michel Odent
  • Everything You Need to Know to Prevent Perineal Tearing—Elizabeth Bruce
  • Making Room for Babies—Sue Brailey
  • Is Prevention Always the Best Cure?—Sara Wickham
  • Tear Prevention the Orgasmic Way—Marina Alzugaray
  • Easing the Baby Out—Lisa Lehrer, CPM
  • Tips on Tear Prevention
  • The Perineum and the Birth Environment—Melissa Schuppe
  • What If?—Jennifer Rosenberg
  • The Art of the Sitz Bath—Adrienne Leeds
  • More Than Just a Scar—Deb Abramson
  • Reflections of My Obstetrical Training—Denise Punger
  • Culture of Fear—Jeff Balch
  • Midwifery and the Constitution—Erik L. Smith
  • Midwife’s Journal—Ruth Cobb
  • Homeopathy for the Childbirth Attendant—Karen Ferreira
  • Dehydration and the Infant—Charlotte Millington

International Midwife

  • Editorial: Enlisting Change Around the World
  • Cards and Letters
  • A Happy Collaboration—Joni Nichols
  • En Español: La Crianza Empieza en el Útero—Laura Lerner Emmer
  • In English: Upbringing Begins in the Uterus—Laura Lerner Emmer
  • The Midwife in Traditional Ukrainian Culture—Olena Boryak
  • Lessons from One of the Last Tica Midwives—Rebecca Turecky
  • Improving Birth in Nigeria—Andrew I. Ewere
  • Midwifery Education in Slovenia—Mihaela Skoberne and Ana-Polona Skocir
  • Interviews with “Maiden Midwives”—Mary Kroeger
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