Midwifery Today Issue 78

Issue 78

Summer 2006

Midwifery Today Issue 78Theme: Midwifery Education

Are you considering becoming a midwife? This issue is a good start to finding out which available educational path suits you. You’ll find articles on traditional midwifery, nurse-midwifery, apprenticeship, and direct entry midwifery, as well as a listing of current direct entry programs available around the US, and a whole lot more.

You’ll also enjoy the usual fantastic International Midwife section, with articles on midwifery from Norway, Africa, Mexico, Croatia, Italy, and India.

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  • Poetry
  • From the Editor
    The publisher of Midwifery Today’s gives us her take on midwifery education.
  • Networking
  • Tricks of the Trade
  • Midwifery Model of Care—Phase II: Midwife Education
    A thought-provoking essay on how we characterize birth and midwifery.
  • Marion’s Message
    A contributing editor comments on the Jennifer Williams trial in Indiana, where a homebirth midwife was arrested and charged with practicing medicine and midwifery without a license.
  • Media Reviews
  • News
  • Classified Advertising
  • Calendar
  • Photo Album
  • Midwives as Educators: Teaching in the 21st CenturyDaphne Singingtree
    What makes a good midwifery educator? This article answers that question and relates some of the results from an informal survey of 156 midwives regarding clinical training.
  • Apprenticeship: Do You Really Want One?Renata Hillman
    This article discusses what she views as the essentials for a successful apprenticeship.
  • The SecretAmanda Hamilton
    Teacher Amanda Hamilton savors the moments she has with her night owl daughter in a touching vignette.
  • Traditional Midwifery, a Traditional VocationCasey Makela
    Michigan School of Traditional Midwifery (MSTM), an alternative on the route to midwifery, is the topic of this article.
  • Always a BeginnerBeth Leianne Curtis
    This essay answers the question “How important are credentials?”
  • Pathways to Midwifery: ACNM—Jerri Hobdy
    A poem that captures the spirit of women learning to be midwives.
  • School of Authentic Midwifery: A Student’s Journey in Finding a School—Jennifer Summerfeldt
    Jennifer discusses a unique holistic midwifery program from the House of La Matrona.
  • The Old MidwifeMary Doezema
    A charming tale about an old midwife.
  • Why Accreditation? MEAC and Midwifery Education—Mary Ann Baul
    One path to midwifery is through an education program accredited by MEAC. This article will provide the basics on this accrediting agency and why to choose an accredited school.
  • The Flowering of Midwifery EducationElizabeth Davis
    Elizabeth Davis talks about the differences between medical and midwifery models and provides an overview of her educational program.
  • US Direct Entry Midwifery Programs
    A list of direct entry midwifery programs available in the US.
  • North American Registry of Midwives
    This CPM-certifying organization is briefly described here.
  • 50 Ways to Protest a VBAC Denial—Barbara Stratton
    After advocating VBACs for years, ACOG in 1999 flip-flopped and issued guidelines restricting them. Barbara lists a number of ways to fight a such a denial and win.
  • Mother Blessing Ceremony: Renaming a Good Idea—Chantel Haynes
    The author shares her opinion and reasoning as to why the term “Blessing Way” should be modified in respect of native Americans.
  • Why Apprentices?Cynthia Luxford
    An apprentice-trained and apprentice-training midwife praises this model of midwifery education, describing briefly what it entails.
  • Midwifery and Conceptual Models of Nursing: A ComparisonPam Embler
    This article discusses and compares the similarities between the midwifery model of care and two selected conceptual models of nursing.
  • Neonatal Skin: Back to Nature?—Laura A. Stokowski
    This excellent Medscape reprint explains the purposes of the neonatal skin and its unique role in protecting the baby against infection. It should be required reading for all those who deal with newborns.
  • The Still Point before Surgery—Serena Jenne
    A suspenseful birth story: will she have to have a cesarean or not?
  • The Business of Midwifery: Billing and the Superbill—Linda Lieberman
    In order to get paid for your midwifery work, you need to bill the client or insurer. This 10th part in our Business series provides guidance on a straightforward billing system.

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