Midwifery Today, Issue 142, Summer 2022 (digital only)


Theme: Medicalization

Medicalization of childbirth has continued to slowly increase, particularly in developed countries. While the intent is to make birth safer, the maternal and neonatal mortality rates in the US belie that. In Wisdom of the Midwives, birthworkers discuss the positive effects of medicalization. Several of our other articles go into some of the disadvantages of such medicalization and the expectation that birth is to always be interfered with. We also have an international article on Birth in Peru, and editorials by our old and new editor, as Jan Tritten passes the torch to Lois Wilson.

Cover photo by Bree Garcia of J&B Photography (jessieandbree.com). Bree is an award-winning birth and baby photographer in Los Angeles, California. She is half of J&B Photography. She runs the business with her other half, Jessie, who is in charge of the maternity side, while she focuses on birth and newborns. Together they have four beautiful daughters. When Bree was younger, pre-babies, she modeled and had always thought she would get into high-fashion editorial photography. A documentary photography class in college that she took after having her first baby caused her to fall in love with birth photography. She made it a mission to introduce it to families to let them know that having these beautiful moments of meeting your baby and being able to relive these memories forever can be as important and emotional as wedding photography. Bree has a passion for capturing emotion and connection while also empowering moms by letting them know different ways to labor and birth through photography. Bree has been photographing births since 2015 and has photographed 96 births.

Pictured: Mihwa having a very fast labor and accidental unassisted birth while on the phone with her doula, supported by grandma and husband in her bathroom.

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