Paths to Becoming a Midwife, 5th Edition


Are you thinking about becoming a midwife, but you’re not sure what kind of midwife you should be or what training options would be best for you? This collection of 23 articles by Midwifery Today magazine writers is designed to help you answer these questions and sift through the various options available to aspiring midwives in the United States.
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Paths to Becoming a Midwife

A Collection of Articles from Midwifery Today Magazine

  • Chapter 1: Midwifery Education
  • Chapter 2: Exploring Your Philosophy of Midwifery
  • Chapter 3: After Action Review: A Guide for Midwifery Students and Preceptors
  • Chapter 4: The Pivotal Opportunities of the Midwifery Apprenticeship Model
  • Chapter 5: What an Admissions Director Looks for in a Potential Midwifery Student
  • Chapter 6: The Beginnings of a Student Midwife
  • Chapter 7: Midwifery Education for Autonomous Practice: The Time Is Now!
  • Chapter 8: Mercy in Action College of Midwifery: The Long Road to Accreditation
  • Chapter 9: The Future of Midwifery Education: Midwives Defining Midwifery
  • Chapter 10: The Herbal Education of Midwives
  • Chapter 11: Choosing Your Route
  • Chapter 12: Types of Midwifery Training: An Anthropological Overview
  • Chapter 13: Humbled in the Power of Women Giving Birth
  • Chapter 14: The Essentials of Midwifing Midwives
  • Chapter 15: Building Strong Foundations for Midwifery Education: The World Needs Midwives, Now More Than Ever!
  • Chapter 16: My Path to Midwifery
  • Chapter 18: A Unique Midwifery Pathway
  • Chapter 19: Midwifery Education: What Do Students Want?
  • Chapter 20: Answer the Call
  • Chapter 21: How Midwifery Today Can Help You Become a Midwife
  • Chapter 22: Q&A: What advice would you give to aspiring and student midwives?
  • Chapter 23: Q&A: When were you first able to call yourself a midwife?
  • Author: Multiple authors
  • Editor: Cheryl K. Smith
  • Number of Pages: 272
  • Format and Binding:  E-book
  • Publisher: Midwifery Today
  • Publication Date: 2021
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