Traditional Midwifery (E-book)


What is traditional midwifery? Why is it important? Find out when you purchase and download Traditional Midwifery, 24 chapters of wisdom from past issues of Midwifery Today magazine.

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Cheryl K. Smith

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Traditional Midwifery

A Collection of Articles from Midwifery Today Magazine

  • Chater 1: Traditional Midwifery in Costa RicaChater 2: Inuit Birth Traditions
  • Chater 3: Desert Babies
  • Chater 4: The Midwife in Traditional Ukrainian Culture
  • Chater 5: Lessons from One of the Last Tica Midwives
  • Chater 6: Is There A Balance?
  • Chater 7: Traditional Customs and Modern Birthing in Somaliland
  • Chater 8: Placenta Rituals and Folklore from around the World
  • Chater 9: The Life and Work of a Rope Midwife in Darfur
  • Chater 10: Andean Traditional Midwifery in Peru
  • Chater 11: Who Benefits from Training Traditional Midwives?
  • Chater 12: Are Traditional Chinese Medicine Theories of Normal Delivery Supported by Evidence-based Medicine?
  • Chater 13: Some Traditional Practices from Around the World
  • Chater 14: Stories of Extraordinary Central American Midwives
  • Chater 15: Becoming Tradition
  • Chater 16: Searching for Ancient Secrets in Childbirth
  • Chater 17: Umbilical Cord Traditions in Puerto Rico
  • Chater 18: Lanyero Karamela: A Midwife of Uganda
  • Chater 19: Rings, Lines, Folds, and Other Old-time Tools to Assess Dilation
  • Chater 20: Global Midwifery and the Humanization of Birth
  • Chater 21: The Medicine of the Ukhu Pacha: Andean Sacred Teachings around Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum
  • Chater 22: Nigerian Birth Traditions and Rituals
  • Chater 23: Celebrating Newborns in Egypt
  • Chater 24: Traditional Postpartum Practices and Rituals in Iran
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