Issue 15

Midwifery Today Issue 15Midwifery Today Issue 15

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Protocols: Standards Meeting Needs

As I define them, protocols are a set of guidelines drawn up by an individual or group which outlines a standard of practice. In my practice as a lay midwife, my protocols are flexible enough to accommodate each situation I meet. Read more…. Protocols: Standards Meeting Needs

Toward Equilibrium

Do midwives have a responsibility to functional family life? Can we help teach mothers both the significance of their new role, and the skills that will be required of them? Read more…. Toward Equilibrium


Being adored is one of the delights of the profession and simultaneously, one of its hazards, for adoration must be dealt with. We are with a woman during the most significant rite of passage in her life; it is natural for her to love us and to invest us with power far beyond what we deserve. Read more…. Pedestals

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