Aneke Roach

Aneke Roach, licensed midwife since 1998, is from Germany. She has worked with (future) parents in hospitals, birth centers, and homes around and in birth. She worked in Germany, moved to Mexico to work there for 20 years and is now located and serving in Seattle, Washington. Her passion is to empower women by holding space and giving love, listening to and supporting birth wishes, and offering midwife care in a holistic way. She is the owner of Mama Bear Midwife Care, a sanctuary for holistic care, education, and support during pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood.

Opening the Pelvic Outlet in Labor

Mother’s bodies are generally made to birth their babies. And babies come in all sizes—the same as pelvises. Mostly, the baby and the pelvis fit well together, so during contractions in active labor we see a progressive, smooth, and gentle birth process. Every woman takes time to birth her baby, connecting to her strength, reinforcing her inner power, and learning to dive into her path toward motherhood.  Read more…. Opening the Pelvic Outlet in Labor

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