Cathy Daub

Cathy Daub, designed and taught the first BirthWorks childbirth classes in New Jersey in 1981. The teacher certification program was completed in 1988, and the first childbirth educator training workshop was held. In 1994 Birth Works incorporated as a nonprofit organization with a full board of directors and board of advisors. BirthWorks now has certification programs for childbirth educators, birth doulas, and postpartum doulas. Cathy is a physical therapist who works with special needs children. She serves as president of BirthWorks and teaches workshops across the US and overseas. She continues to use her talents to enhance the understanding of trust and faith in the human body and birth. She lives and promotes a human values approach to childbirth education and doula care, which has been incorporated into her book, Birthing in the Spirit. She also authored Doulas of Love—a Guidebook for Doulas and Expectant Parents, and The Doula Journal Workbook, which are available to workshop participants. She composed original birthing songs on the CD, Believe.

An Emotional Preparation for Birth

Because birth is an emotional experience, it makes sense that preparation for childbirth may require emotional preparation. Some basic information needs to be presented, but it is the emotional preparation that a pregnant woman will find most useful in her labor.

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