Karen Schelling

Karen Schelling, CNM, works at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon, New Hampshire, where she is a midwife and instructor for medical students, residents and midwifery students. She graduated from the University of Medicine and Dentistry in 1989. Karen has practiced midwifery in both hospital and home settings and taught midwifery students at Stonybrook University and the Seattle Midwifery School. She lives in Westminster, Vermont.

Lessons Learned From A Great Chef

I have a passion for birth. I also have a passion for cooking. To inform myself about birth I digest what I can from professional journals and soak up midwifery wisdom from those who are really in the bedroom “with birth.” But mostly I listen to and spend time with women. When I want to try something new in the kitchen, however, I experiment. Occasionally, I have the desire to visit with the great chefs of our time. Julia Child is, of course, a favorite. To my surprise, her words struck me as a midwife one evening.

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