Mimi Pothaar

Mimi Pothaar is a student midwife and mother of two grown children, one who arrived at around the 40-week mark, the second after a very long 42-1/2 weeks. She is inspired by those senior midwives who continue to blaze the trail for all women, challenge the status quo, put their all on the line, and offer individualized, women-centered care.

The Two Faces of Postdate Pregnancies

As practitioners, it is our duty to examine the attitudes we have developed as well as the language and terminology we use. Our society defines a pregnancy with a gestation of 40 weeks plus 1 day as overdue. This notion is planted deeply in our culture with origins I was unable to unearth. Many factors come into play surrounding this issue, including some subjective considerations beginning with dating a pregnancy. Read more…. The Two Faces of Postdate Pregnancies

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