Mindy Goorchenko

Mindy Goorchenko, her husband, Alex, and their four children live in Southern California. Mindy currently teaches childbirth education in affiliation with Birthworks and offers nutritional counseling. She studies midwifery with Ancient Art Midwifery Institute. The Web site describing their twins' homebirth can be found at www.EarthBirthProductions.com.

Experiential Learning for Childbirth

The author explains how believing that something is possible can cause it to happen, and how this concept relates to natural birth.

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Vegan Pregnancy Diet

Aside from the details of my homebirth of twins, Psalm and Zoya – a vertex son and a footling breech daughter – the questions I get most frequently concern my vegan diet. Many, many women are interested in, even long for, a vegan diet, yet find the idea seemingly impossible to implement. Read more…. Vegan Pregnancy Diet

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