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Midwifery Today, Issue 133, Spring 2020.
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I keep thinking there is nothing more to say …
then, there is something more to say.

Many of us around the world are in lockdown. Everyone is helping someone. We are creating the one-world family. Mother Nature is helping us turn fear into power.

There are new questions and needs. Pandemic is a different kind of disaster from tornado, flood, etc. Social distancing is good for controlling spread of infectious disease but it is hard on the human spirit. It is not healthy on many other levels, too. It will be temporary. We must keep well—body, mind, and soul.

Prepare, Prevent, Respond, Followup

Maybe this will help a little more as we move more deeply into restrictions.

  • Send a positive message to your ever-living cells. I sing to mine, “Every little cell in my body is healthy….” I say, “I feel good. I feel great! I feel wonderful!” Make up your own affirmations and communication to your cells, blood, bones, being. They are listening.
  • Designate a point person of your family or compound to go to town for supplies.
  • Pack a small basket of food when you go to town (for supplies) and bring several bottles of herb-infused water. Keep drinking.
  • Don’t carry your phone into the grocer. Leave it in the car.
  • Don’t take children unless they would be left at home alone and are too young.
  • Remove outer packing from food in boxes, etc., and discard.
  • If non-perishable and not needed right away, leave the food in car or garage or shopping bag for 48 hours and then use or store.
  • Bring your own shopping bags.
  • Do not buy bulk foods, even if packaged by the local grocer—or during the pandemic isolation.
  • Remember to wipe door handles of your home when you return. Use gloves or sleeve to open doors of store, etc.
  • Take off unpierced rings, necklaces, adornments when going for supplies. Walk around like an adorned queen in her queendom in your home/castle. (Men translate this to your best lives.)
  • Carry two or three bags in your car and use one on the handle to pump gas and then throw away.
  • It is almost time to change out those wooden toothbrushes.
  • Make a weak solution of vinegar water with EO of lemon, citrus of choice, etc. to spray your hair, dread, wraps, etc. daily. Especially if you are going to town for supplies.
  • Dance break! With all the extra healing program we are doing, our cells must be doing the HAPPY DANCE.
  • Get in the best shape of your life.
  • Form those small groups to check on each day. Sing together. Drum together. Chant together. Meditate together. We need the human contact. Visualize being together again soon and having fun.

Social Concerns

Babies are still being born. Wimyn the world over are reconsidering homebirth as the safest option for having their babies. Some hospitals and staff are telling mothers, “Don’t come to the hospital. Stay home. Do the best you can. Come in for emergencies.” Fear was driving wimyn away from the home and now fear is driving them back to the home. But their fear is turning to power. Every day and night many of us midwives are helping wimyn who are isolated give birth in this global pandemic disaster. Just last night another isolated mother in a far-off land reached out to create her Elephant Circle. We showed up for her. We are holding our hearts wide open for those who are suffering, but this womyn! This womyn turned her sorrow into joy. Her fear into power. Her night into brilliant day. Now, nothing will be impossible for her. Nature is helping us. Nature is protecting the mothers.

Midwives, both hospital- and home-based are checking on mothers via phone consultations and Skype. Mothers are taking more and more personal responsibility. Many hospital midwives are needed for the sick, not for birthing. Pregnancy and birth are being seen as a “well” state. The hundreds of people in the US who have been formally trained in Basic Disaster Birth Support (BDBS) know how to help by being calm and capable. They know how to help in a pandemic. BDBS was conceived by the brilliant Ruth Walsh, midwife and first president of the North American Registry of Midwives. I have had the privilege of training thousands around the world, including 12-year-old boys. Now I am receiving stories and gratitude from those points of light who are helping their own people. I fear such emotion swell up with every one of these stories. Day and night, folks are downloading the EmerGently brochure and the Newborn First Breaths brochure and making copies for themselves or their clients and families and friends. I shall be happy to ship free copies to anyone in the USA. Send me a love note too, if you get the time! Meanwhile, stay well and help lift someone’s spirits today.

A Real Life Story

A little crowned crone bug is reshaping our world. I have been asking some of our elders what they think. Here is one elder’s point of view:

Nothing is more powerful or more capable than the human body. Yes, there are diseases that take some of us out, but it is fighting a losing battle. We will win this one. The human body will use an intelligence and figure out what to do faster than the laboratories. Isolation is not healthy for the human spirit. I am not doing well with it. I have an animal in me. I want to get out and run around and roam. I want to see what is going on in this world and coming up out of the ground. I cannot do this forever. I woke up this morning and I felt strong and, I know, this body or some body, and I mean their BODY, is going to survive this itty bitty bug. We don’t have to give in to it. God is on our side. Because that is how God made us. I have been homebound so long, I am homebound crazy. We don’t have to live in dreariness and horribleness. My grandkids are calling and on the phone I am teaching them how to make Granny’s Healing Vegetable Soup.

One hand out to our elders, one hand holding on to the next generation. We, the bridge. We, the miracle bridge.

Bridge over troubled waters
Light of the World
SiStar to sister
I am with you.

Sister MorningStar and the Wild Garlic Council

About Author: Sister MorningStar

Sister MorningStar has dedicated a lifetime to the preservation of instinctual birth. She birthed her own daughters at home and has helped thousands of other women find empowerment through instinctual birth. She is the founder of a spiritual retreat center and author of books related to instinctual and spiritual living. She lives as a Cherokee hermitess and Catholic mystic in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri. Visit her on the web at:

The Power of Women: Instinctual Birth Stories: When women embarked on their journey into womanhood and motherhood, stories from their grandmothers, great-grandmothers and ancestors came forth through songs, stories and what appeared as mythological tales. Upon hearing these stories, women became empowered to do what all women from which they came were able to do: give birth instinctually.

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