Issue 133

Spring 2020

Theme: Third Stage

Third stage is the theme for our first online issue of Midwifery Today. It covers topics from information on avoiding active management to placenta encapsulation and unusual placentas and incidents, and more.

Cover photo by Jerusha Sutton ( Jerusha is a birth photographer, videographer, and doula based in Sydney, Australia. She became a birthworker in 2006, and has a deep love for both supporting and capturing pregnancy, birth, and the postnatal period. She is deeply involved in the homebirth community and homebirthed her first baby in 2016. Jerusha is also one of the co-creators of a feature-length documentary about Australia’s maternity system, called Birth Time the documentary, created alongside Jo Hunter and Zoe Naylor. It is due for release May 2020. To learn more, visit:

Pictured: This is Bronté with Ofelia, her second child. She homebirthed both of her babies with the support of her midwife Jo Hunter in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, Australia. Bronté’s son Llewyn and partner David were her beautiful support team.

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