Issue 132

Winter 2019

Theme: International Midwifery

Midwifery is a global issue and its practice varies around the world. This issue of the magazine, dedicated to International Midwifery, reflects those variations—from Asia to Europe to Africa, and beyond—and describes challenges that mothers, midwives, and doulas face in successfully navigating the perinatal period. In addition to the international articles, stunning photography, media reviews and news, this issue also includes clinical articles on recovering from hemorrhage, perinatal OCD, and the essentials for a pregnancy diet, among others.

Cover photo by EvaDiana Iguaran ( One of the single most powerful, transformative, and awe-inspiring moments in a person’s life takes place at the long-anticipated arrival of her precious child. How do you capture these priceless moments of boundless joy and wonderment made manifest in this perfect angel? Eva, of EvaDiana Photography and Birth Video, has been doing just that since 2008. She is professional, creative, and has a keen eye for preserving such moments. Her birth videos, set to specially selected music, complement and amplify the overwhelming love and tenderness of this beautiful occasion. Eva has donated her time and talent to Haitian families, with some of her work going viral. Ever seeking a challenge, Eva has future plans to become a midwife. You can subscribe to her YouTube Channel.

Pictured: Beautiful pregnant mother in Haiti receiving prenatal care from MamaBaby Haiti during a mobile clinic. She had a glow so I asked her to pose. She thought that was funny. Please donate!


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