Issue 131

Autumn 2019

Theme:  Second Stage Labor

Most people think of the second stage of labor as the “pushing” stage, which gets the baby out. Our lead article in Issue 131, by long-time international midwife and author Vicki Penwell discusses a phenomenon she discovered that she calls “The Disappearing Second Stage,” in which the line between first and second stage vanishes. Read about this, as well as an indepth article on breech birth by Rixa Freeze; one that deals with birthing on the back position by Mary Ann Lieser; articles by Michel Odent, Sister MorningStar, Ireena Keeslar, and much more.

Cover photo by Jennifer Hamilton of Mamarazzi Photography ( Jennifer is a professional birth photographer and videographer in San Antonio, Texas. She has always had a love for documenting life’s moments in photos. Her passion for all things motherhood and especially birth began with the homebirth of her second child. She currently specializes in documenting maternity, birth, and newborns through the first year, with her husband. She loves to watch parents grow into relationships with their new babies. A mother of four (two girls and two boys), Jennifer is considering doula training. As a veteran, she especially enjoys serving the area military community.

Pictured: Valeria was a first-time mom and wanted her birth to be as natural and intervention-free as possible. With a supportive birth team and the encouragement of her husband and family, she brought her baby girl Earthside in the comfort of her own bed. After a little help from her doula (who is also a lactation consultant), she settled in and guided her little one to the breast for the first latch.

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