Issue 130

Summer 2019

Midwifery Today Issue 130Theme: Trauma and Healing

Whether the trauma occurs in childhood, during pregnancy, or during birth, it can affect a woman during her childbearing year—and can affect partners, as well. This issue is full of articles that deal with preventing or healing trauma. Beth Barbeau shares a variety of tools, including naturopathic remedies, emotional and energetic support and herbal support among them. Gomer Ben Moshe tells of how a trauma survivor is supported in a c-section and Lori Barklage tells us how to recognize and heal trauma based on her RISE Up program, among others. We also include thought-provoking articles on “Revitalizing Midwifery” by Jasmine Krapf and “Birth Behind Bars” by Mary Ann Lieser, and much more!

Cover photo by Jennifer Mason ( Jennifer is a professional birth photographer and doula in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She excels at documenting and supporting families from pregnancy through birth and into the postpartum period. These extended relationships allow her and the families to forge a deep and meaningful relationship, using visual artistry and knowledge of the birthing process to aid in healing and positive support during this transformative time. As a VBAC mother of two girls, Jennifer has a unique ability to understand women and families traveling a similar journey. In addition to her business, Jennifer is co-founder of Birth Becomes Her, an internationally recognized resource available to support birth photographers as they create and sustain their own careers.

Pictured: Ivonne’s first birth was a failed induction that led to a cesarean. With her second birth, she chose a supportive team of midwives who did everything they could to help her have a VBAC. She was able to cry with them about her experience and, despite a second cesarean, she found healing because of their loving support.

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