Calm and Capable, Up the Mountain Together We Climb

Midwifery Today, Issue 133, Spring 2020.
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Spring be welcomed! The moss covers the hillside. The woodland flowers are outdoing the gardens. The bulbs I planted one place decades ago have spread themselves around, popping up in new circular groups more this year than ever, to show that life lives! In the most powerful, surprising, collective ways, life lives. In singles dotted at the edge of the woods, life lives. That is us in this herstoric equinox. We live to bring the best and beautiful to our little corner of the woods/world. Do not be in a hurry. All in right timing, the forces you need to help you emerge strong, healthy, radiant, fruitful for the next generation; all you need is below, around, and within you. Life wants to live. Like spring, we will rebirth.

Do something extreme to celebrate this Spring Equinox 2020. Our spirits and our bodies need to be as close to Mother Earth as we can get. Walk the land, kiss the ground, build a nature altar, tell the children a story, listen to the stories of your elders. Cook the soup, plant the garden, call a friend, wink in the mirror, drink your tea, breathe deep, lift the skirt, dance a jig, beat the drum, raise the flag of peace, make the prayers, sing out, reach out, call out, hold high your head, eyes wide open, ears perked, nose lifted, arms open, tasting the deep down in the bones good feeling…. You are alive to live another magical spring. Us living it together as we never have before. The whole world of one mind. Live, my child, my beloved, my friend, my neighbor, my mother, sibling, those far off and those nearby. Live! This day we celebrate Life Living.

Peace and prosperity will return. We will rebuild and reunite. We will gather again around the fire circle. Until we do, we have spring to inspire and guide us on how to keep the body and spirit clean as we wait and grow.

Every day we must eat. Here is the community prayer I wrote several years ago. In our homes, as we eat our daily bread, this can remind us that we are a global tribe.

Loving Creator, from the Earth’s bounty
We are privileged this day to eat abundantly.
Bless the hands that prepared this food.
Bless the bodies that will receive it.
Comfort those who this day are hungry.
Help us to create a one world family consciousness
Where no one in the Tribe goes hungry alone.

Maybe this will help today…

  • “Shelter in place” means a mandated quarantine. It has been happening in many countries for months. It is happening in several states in the USA. It is part of how we need to be preparing beyond self-distancing and self-isolation. Each state will have its own guidelines. Wait until you know what your guidelines are and then remain cooperative as you exercise your maximum freedoms necessary to keep yourself and those under your “shelter” well and positive. You are the one that has been preparing to be calm and capable. Don’t be in a haste no matter what you need to handle. Find the calm within and act from there.
  • Form small local circles of support. Please form small local circles of support.
  • Self-limiting may be as important as self-distancing. Turn your devices off and go outside, or cook, clean, create, compose with your hands and non-device materials. World streaming may comprise the capacity of the internet to handle the overload. We don’t like it and get distrustful when Big Brother powers limit our freedom. The use of the internet is one such freedom that folks have come to rely on for communication, education, entertainment, etc. But we can avoid such restrictions by restricting ourselves. Let’s work together, like we did with recycling and reducing waste, and give ourselves a time-out every day from digital digesting. Turn your device off while sleeping. Log out once an hour and take five if you are working from home. Pick specific times to tune in to local and world news. Watch one movie or educational program a day. Six days on and one day off. Do you hate me now? They are just suggestions….
  • Wash your hands again and again. One way they learned that was by wrongly doing internal exams on laboring wimyn. Like a tiger, you not only can’t check her cervix; You shouldn’t.

Reverse Equality?

My aged grandmother was taken to the doctor by her worried daughters. The doctor said, “Mrs. Tennyson, take off all your clothes and put on this little white gown.” She folded her arms Native Indian-style across her heart and said, “I’m not a ‘gonna’ lessen ya are, too!” That’s hillbilly talk. I will translate. “I am not going to unless you are, too!” My roots. May the best wisdom of your grandmothers run thick in your veins.”

There is so much more in my heart to write but I want to get this message to you and because I live off the grid, I do not know when it may be a while before I can write to you again. Just so you know, when I drive this message up the hill to an internet location, I stay in my car, “my tiny house,” and send and receive. Thank you for holding me in your sacred, protective bubble, too.

One hand on my heart.
One hand toward yours.
Eyes to the sky.
You and I.
You and I.

Blessed Be. Blessed we are.
Blessed Do. Blessed we are doing.
Blessed from one gathering unto the next.
Blessed Now.

Sister MorningStar and the Wild Garlic Council

About Author: Sister MorningStar

Sister MorningStar has dedicated a lifetime to the preservation of instinctual birth. She birthed her own daughters at home and has helped thousands of other women find empowerment through instinctual birth. She is the founder of a spiritual retreat center and author of books related to instinctual and spiritual living. She lives as a Cherokee hermitess and Catholic mystic in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri. Visit her on the web at:

The Power of Women: Instinctual Birth Stories: When women embarked on their journey into womanhood and motherhood, stories from their grandmothers, great-grandmothers and ancestors came forth through songs, stories and what appeared as mythological tales. Upon hearing these stories, women became empowered to do what all women from which they came were able to do: give birth instinctually.

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