Midwifery Today Issue 47

Issue 47

Autumn 1998

Midwifery Today Issue 47 Theme: Normal Birth

Issue 47 asked the question, “What is normal birth?” and received an outpouring of interpretations from many kinds of birth practitioners, mothers, a therapist and an educator. The physiological process of delivering a baby can be interpreted in myriad ways: Read this issue and come to your own conclusions about what is “normal.” This issue also addresses the common yet ill-addressed concern of balancing midwifery with motherhood. Also, check in with many of Midwifery Today’s contacts in various countries around the world!

Cover Photo by Dr. Caroline E. Brown, RNC, MS, DEd. Brown is an award-winning photographer who teaches in the nursing school at W Va. University.

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  • Normal Birth: Do We Believe? Can We Remember?—Valerie El Halta
  • Just What IS Normal?—Judy Edmunds
  • Variation is the Rule—Elizabeth Davis
  • Birth as a Normal Process—Marsden Wagner
  • High Religion in Labor & Delivery—M. Jill Swanson
  • Balancing Midwifery with Motherhood—Christine Malcom
  • Middle Class BeliefsConnee L. Pike-Urlacher
  • Psychological Dystocia—Anonymous
  • Maybe Descartes Got It Wrong—Laura Ginesi
  • What Happened to Normal Birth?—Ellen C. Waff
  • Freedom at Forty—Cindy McGinnis
  • $10,000 Reward!—Jock Doubleday
  • Nurses Make a Difference—Roxanna Augustine
  • Ocean—Jennifer Rosenberg
  • Against Industrialized Birth—Denise Wallace

International Midwife

  • Great Britain—Sara Wickham
  • Cuba—Aleida Llanes-Oberstein and Grace Holmes
  • Norway—Alice Evans
  • Australia—Joy Johnston
  • The Virgin Islands—Alice Evans
  • Mexico—Sarinah Kalb
  • Guatemala—Jennifer Houston
  • Sweden—Diane Sjogren


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International Midwife

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