Issue 48

Winter 1998

Midwifery Today Issue 48 Theme: Hemorrhage

Issue 48 is a definitive work on postpartum hemorrhage: third stage of labor, placentas and the causes and prevention of postpartum hemorrhage are discussed in detail in several articles. This is practically a textbook on hemorrhage! A mini-theme on breastfeeding, including the hilarious “Stand-up and Sit Down Comedy,” gives readers both a serious and not-so-serious look at breastfeeding concerns. Canadian midwife Diane Smith, who works with dais (traditional midwives) in India, pens an in-depth and fascinating look into centuries of wisdom and custom.

Cover photo by Suzanne Arms, photojournalist, filmmaker & acclaimed author of Immaculate Deception

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  • Some Thoughts on Postpartum Hemorrhage—Lisa Goldstein
  • Stay Close and Pay Attention to Your Mothers—Judy Edmunds
  • Hemorrhage Prevention and Early Detection—Diane Barnes
  • Taking the Fear Out of Third Stage—Valerie El Halta
  • Three Keys to Avoiding Postpartum HemorrhageMargarett Scott
  • Hemorrhage During Pregnancy and Childbirth—Marion Toepke McLean
  • Breastfeeding NemesisSuzanne Colson
  • Meet the Practitioner—Introducing Suzanne Colson
  • Stand-up and Sit Down Comedy—Suzanne Colson (art by Kiki Metzler)
  • Breastfeeding Editorial—Suzanne Colson
  • Don’t Manage the Third Stage of Labour—Michel Odent (article in French)
  • Latex Allergy: Epidemic of the ’90s—Brenda Ray

International Midwife

  • Working with the Traditional Indian Village Dai—Diane Smith
  • South to Honduras—Renee Stein
  • A Double Blessing—Renee Stein


  • From the Editor
  • Poetry
  • Networking
  • Tricks of the Trade
  • Marion’s Message: Keeping Childbearing Normal Through Nutrition
  • Question of the Quarter
  • Journal Abstracts
  • Media Reviews—including Breech Birth Woman-Wise
  • News
  • Classified Advertising
  • Calendar Advertising
  • Photo Album

International Midwife

  • From the Editor
  • Cards and Letters
  • International News
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