Midwifery Today Issue 56

Issue 56

Winter 2000

Midwifery Today Issue 56Theme: Building a Birth Community

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Robbie Davis-Floyd & Peyton Floyd

This issue is dedicated to the memory of Peyton Elizabeth Floyd, daughter of Robbie Davis-Floyd. Our thoughts are with Robbie.


  • In Memoriam—Robbie Davis-Floyd
  • Make Room at the TableLois Wilson
  • How to Build a Birth NetworkCynthia Yula and Katie Heffelfinger
  • Midwifery Arts Center—Patty Brennan, Mickey Sperlich, Merilynne Rush and Harriette Hartigan
  • A Circle of Women: Building a Freestanding Birth Center—Patti Carroll-Frey
  • Unexpected Allies—Kimberly K. Trout
  • Where is Your Birth Community?—Judy Edmunds
  • Interconnections: Faith, Love, Beauty and Birth—Lois Wilson
  • The Blessings of a Birthing Community—Sunni Karll
  • Life is not a Tame Lion—Jennifer Rosenberg
  • Warrior Midwife—Jill Earl
  • Becoming a Holistic Traditional Midwife—Samantha Clemens
  • Regulating Midwifery: Parallels in Texas and British Columbia—Gail Johnson
  • Lessons: What a Midwife Imparts to Her Daughter—K.C. Johnson
  • Honoring Traditional Midwifery Apprentices—My Daughters!—Casey Makela
  • Vitamin K Deficiency: The Waterbirth and Hospitalization of Amanda—Sandra Dederscheck Stine
  • Vitamin K: A Flaw in the Blueprint?—Sara Wickham
  • 42 Babies and Vitamin K—Jennifer Hali Enoch

International Midwife

Photo by Judy Luce

  • Risk Assessment and the New World Health Organization Recommendations—Ann Davenport
  • Challenges Facing Midwives on Both Sides of the Atlantic—Heather Hartley
  • Observing and Charting for Family Planning—Robin Lim
  • The Ripe Pomegranate: Choosing In Vitro Fertilization—Chaya Raizel Breger
  • Guatemala Journey: Partnering with Traditional MidwivesJudy Luce
  • Global Midwifery: Topic Group Report—Filomena Vagueiro


  • From the Editor
  • Poetry
  • Networking
  • Tricks of the Trade
  • Marion’s Message
  • Question of the Quarter
  • Journal Abstracts
  • Media Reviews
  • News
  • Classified Advertising
  • Calendar
  • Photo Album

International Midwife

  • From the Editor: IAM
  • Cards and Letters
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