Midwifery Today Issue 55

Issue 55

Autumn 2000

Midwifery Today Issue 55 Theme: Second Stage

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  • Pushing for First-Time Moms—Gloria Lemay
  • Insights into Pushing: Second Stage as a Disruption of the Fetus Ejection Reflex—Michel Odent
  • When to Push: Listening to the Body’s Cues—Lois Wilson
  • QQ: Preemie Twins-A Ring of Fire Double Delight—Cynthia Flynn
  • What Really Is Second Stage?—Judy Edmunds
  • Second Stage: An Artificial Division—Alicia Huntley
  • QQ: Baby Knows What to Do—Amber Jain Boydell
  • What Is Second Stage?—Diane Barnes
  • Second Stage … The Chewing of Angel’s Wings—Robin Lim
  • Second Stage: Dealing with Cord Complications—Jill Cohen
  • Exercises for Second Stage—Julie Tupler
  • Shoulder Dystocia: The Event that Wraps a Midwife’s Heart in Cold Terror—Gretchen Brauer-Rieke
  • In Training: Two Birth Stories—Jessamyn Meyerhoff
  • Sky High Baby—Sharon Glass Jonquil
  • Intuitive Unassisted Homebirth: This One’s for the Babies—Leilah McCracken
  • HypnoBirthing™: A Radical Change on Our Perspective of Pain in Childbirth—Nancy Wainer
  • Pain and Suffering in Childbirth: A Look at Attitudes, Research and History—Cheri Van Hoover
  • Are Your Clients at Risk? Factor V Leiden, Clotting and Pregnancy—Jennifer Rosenberg
  • Evidence Informed Midwifery 3: Evaluating Midwifery Evidence—Sara Wickham
  • We Cannot Allow You to Breastfeed—Sharon Glass Jonquil

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