Breastfeeding (E-book)


Breastfeeding is a collection of articles previously published in Midwifery Today magazine. This volume contains insights into breastfeeding duration, breast milk sharing, milk supply, and more, as well as personal accounts of breastfeeding adventures. Contributors include Michel Odent and Suzanne Colson.

This e-book can be downloaded in three formats.

  • PDF
  • EPUB – This can be used on most mobile devices except Amazon Kindle devices.
  • MOBI – This can be used on most mobile devices including Amazon Kindle devices.

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  • Chapter 1: “The Role of the Shy Hormone in Breastfeeding” by Michel Odent
  • Chapter 2: “Biological Nurturing: The Laid-back Breastfeeding Revolution” by Suzanne Colson
  • Chapter 3: “Candida versus Breastfeeding: Which Is Winning?” by PJ Jacobsen
  • Chapter 4: “Daniel: A Breastfeeding Challenge Overcome” by Joni Nichols
  • Chapter 5: “HIV and Breastfeeding: What We Do and Do Not Know in 2005” by Nancy Miller
  • Chapter 6: “Milk Supply: You Have Enough” by Lina Duncan
  • Chapter 7: “Breastfeeding Duration and Mother-to-Mother Support” by Nancy Mohrbacher and Sharon Knorr
  • Chapter 8: “Midwives: Guardians of Nature’s Design” by Kimberly Durdin
  • Chapter 9: “Reclaiming the Art of Breastfeeding” by Indira Lopez Bassols
  • Chapter 10: “Supporting Mothers in Long-term Breastfeeding” by Janell E. Robisch
  • Chapter 11: “Breastfeeding Milla” by Angela Worthington
  • Chapter 12: “Breastfeeding and Newborn Survival” by Amanda Penwell
  • Chapter 13: “The Four Pillars of Safe Breast Milk Sharing” by Shell Walker and Maria Armstrong
  • Chapter 14: “A Mom’s Breastfeeding Adventure” by Alicia Kaye
  • Chapter 15: “My Nursing Journey” by Janelle Rice
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