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Conference is $100 a day for Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday *early bird pricing* until March 5. Thursday Pre-Conference Classes are $275 per day. Space is limited on some Thursday Pre-conference classes. Food and lodging are not included, basic amenities will be available, complimentary water and onsite ability to purchase other drinks and snacks.

Wednesday and Thursday are “Pre-Conference” (PreCon)

Space is not limited in Lisa Thomas Welch’s OP didactic only portion for manual rotation of posterior,
Space is limited in Lisa Thomas Welch’s OP hands-on portion to 6 people per practice session. Space is limited in Elizabeth Davis’ entire course to 24 participants.
If you are registering for a Pre-Con day, you will be sent a separate email confirming and linking to your CEU information.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday are Conference Days

Limited scholarships may be available on a first come, first serve basis. Click here to apply.

Schedule of Classes

May 1st – 5th







Room 1

  • Nicole Morales – Breech Basic 9am – 5pm (NM1)
  • Lisa Thomas Welch – Over Easy, Manual Rotation of the Occiput 9-11am (LTW1)*
  • Lisa Thomas Welch – Occiput Posterior Workshop 3pm – 3:30pm(LTW2)**
  • Lisa Thomas Welch – Occiput Posterior Workshop 4pm – 4:30pm (LTW3)**
  • Lisa Thomas Welch – Occiput Posterior Workshop(LTW4)**
  • Opening Session: Shannon Mitchell – Autonomous Midwifery 8:30pm – 9am
  • Lisa Thomas Welch -Heart Tones 9am – 12pm (LTW5)
  • Keynote- Lisa Thomas Welch
  • Lisa Thomas Welch – Labs 2pm – 6pm (LTW6)
  • Opening Session:
  • Gail Hart – Understanding the Anemias (PLURAL) 10am – 12pm (GH2)
  • Keynote- Roxana Maurer Client Communication 12pm – 1pm
  • Gail Hart- Covid in Pregnancy and Placenta 1pm – 2pm (GH3)
  • Shannon Mitchell Practical Tips for Twins 2pm – 3:30pm (SM2)
  • Let’s Chat! Panel about Solutions to modern midwifery challenges, with moderator Roxana Maurer 3:30pm – 5pm (LC1)
  • Opening Session:
  • Interfaith Panel – When you feel the universe move in birth 9am – 10:30am
  • Kristine Lauria – Realistic Midwifery in Humanitarian zones 10:30am – 12pm (KL1)
  • Kristine Lauria & Diane Goslin – Interesting cases in breech and twins (KLDG)
  • Lois Wilson – Autonomous and Traditional Midwifery Program Panel 2:30pm – 4pm (LW1)

Room 2

  • Elizabeth Davis – Pelvimetry lecture 8am – 12pm (ED1)
  • Elizabeth Davis – Pelvimetry Practical Lab 1pm – 5pm (ED2)
  • Shannon Mitchell – Supporting Long Labors 9am – 10am (SM1)
  • Gail Hart – Hemorrhage 10:30am – 12pm (GH4)
  • Round Table Business Talks 1-2pm – Taxes, Malpractice, Guidelines, investment and more!
  • Gail Hart – Misconception and Misperception 2pm – 3pm (GH1)
  • Dr. Vincent Carson – Pediatric Neurologist 4pm – 5pm (VC1)
  • Elizabeth Davis – Trauma Class 4pm – 6pm (ED3)
  • Nicole Morales – Breech Release and Balancing Breech 9pm – 11am (NM4)
  • Nicole Morales- Tracking Birth from the Outside 11am – 12pm (NM2)
  • Diane Goslin – Practicing while processing a loss 1pm – 2pm (DG2)
  • Roxana Maurer – Self-soothing the midwife 2pm – 3:30pm (RM1)
  • Nicole Morales – Myths and Mysteries the stories of midwifery 5pm – 6pm (NM3)


  • Jennifer Gallardo – Clientcare and EHRs 9pm – 10am (JG1)
  • Eudine Stevens – Practical Skills Workshop- IV, Phlebotomy, and more 10:30am – 12pm (ES2)
  • Eudine Stevens – Massage 3rd trimester 2:30 – 3:30 (ES3)


Room 3

Closed Closed
  • Eudine Stuart – Massage Techniques 10am – 11am (E1
  • Diane Goslin -Twins & Breech in Amish community (DG1)
  • Eudine Stevens – Practical Skills Workshop- IV, Phlebotomy, and more 10:30am – 12pm (ES4)
Parent Track 12pm – 6pm

“Birth without the midwife”, “Transferring Demystified”, “Waterbirth”, “What to Expect Postpartum”, “Tools in the Labor Room”, “Placenta Basics” and more!



Early Arrivals

Come have dinner with us at Shady Maple Smorgasboard 6pm

Midwifery Support Circle 7pm – 9pm

Join us for a night of fun and enjoyment of other midwives. We’ll have drinks and snacks and cozy chats. Bring your instrument if you have one!

Bazaar 6pm – 9pm

Bring your saleable items and have fun! Raffle, yard sale, bake sale and time to have fun!

*Lisa Thomas Welch courses are to be signed up for using this link, (insert link here), **The LTW Workshops are limited to 4 attendees per session.

Additional information

Number of Days

1 Day, 2 Days, 3 Days, 4 Days, 5 Days

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