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Touching Lives by Keri Redding
Toward Equilibrium by Jan Tritten
Toxemia by Editorial
Traditional Mentoring by Maryl Smith
Traditional Midwifery by Alison Bastien
Traditional Midwifery by Jan Tritten
Traditional Midwives Are Midwives by Latin American & Caribean Network for Humanization of Childbirth
Trauma in Birth by Jan Tritten
Trends vs. Traditions by Jill Cohen
Trip to the Congo by Jennifer Vanderlaan
True Cephalopelvic Disproportion by Jill Cohen
Trusting Birth Even More by Carla Hartley
Two Spirits by Erica Andrews
Two Women Trusting Birth by Paulina G. Perez and Jamie D. Perez
Uganda by Carrie Sparrevohn
Umbilical Cord Prolapse by Fernando Molina
Un nouveau regard sur la naissance by Michel Odent
Una orgullosa abuela: sembrando las semillas del cambio en el nacimiento by Jan Tritten
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