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Understanding Plastics by Blue Bradley
Unhurrying the Moment of Meeting by Mary Esther Malloy
Uniqueness by Sister MorningStar
Unveiling Ritual Mutilation by Jennifer Louisa Williams and Krystn Cohen-Dodge
Using Quinton Hypertonic for Postpartum Issues by Francoise “Mamacita” Souverville
Varicose Veins in Pregnancy by Judy Slome Cohain
VBAC: Very Beautiful and Courageous by Lynn Baptisti Richards
Vegan Pregnancy Diet by Mindy Goorchenko
Velamentous Birth Story by Jana Voelke Studelska
Village Birth by Sister MorningStar
Village Prenatals by Sister MorningStar
Visiting Wild Assam by Cheryl K. Smith
Voluntary Licensure by Carol Gray
Waiting Can Be So Hard by Jan Tritten
Waterbirth by Editorial
Waterbirth by Jan Tritten
Waterbirth and GBS by Judy Slome Cohain
We Are All Midwives by Debbie A. Díaz Ortiz
Welcoming Sophie by Sister MorningStar
What I Have Seen by Denise Thompson
What I Wish I Had Seen by Kayce Pearson
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