Issue 137

Spring 2021

Midwifery Today Issue 137

Theme: Shoulder Dystocia

Shoulder dystocia is a complication that is infrequent, but midwives need to be up to date in their knowledge of it and its resolution. This issue addresses the mindset needed for success, as well as steps and maneuvers to resolve it. Also included are the final article in a series by Vicki Penwell on providing care in a developing country, the second in a series by Jo Grace on serving women with autism, and more from Sister MorningStar and Michel Odent, among others.

Cover photo by Jennifer Hamilton of Mamarazzi Photography ( Jennifer is a professional birth photographer, videographer, and doula in San Antonio, Texas. She has always had a love for documenting life’s moments in photos. Her passion for all things motherhood and especially birth began with the homebirth of her second child. She currently specializes in documenting maternity, birth, and newborns through the first year, with her husband, Bryan. She loves to watch parents grow into relationships with their new babies. Jennifer realized her desire to become a certified doula in 2020 and is now able to serve families in even more ways. In addition to support during birth, she enjoys helping new families acclimate to life with a newborn as a postpartum doula. She and her husband are both proud to have served their country in the Air Force and enjoy serving the military community in their area. Together they have four kids (two girls and two boys) and one grandbaby (girl).

Pictured: This was baby number 3 and we all had an idea it was a good-sized baby.  Even so, her midwives (Robin Rabenschlag and Julie Hatfield of Westover Hills Birth Center) were a bit surprised when he tipped the scales at 10 lb 2.5 oz.  It was what they refer to as a “butter birth.”  Her labor lasted about four hours and he was birthed without issue and without so much as a tear.  Due to Covid-19 precautions, his siblings were not present at the birth center, but his big sisters were elated to see him on Facetime and to meet him when he got home a few hours later!

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