Midwifery Today Cover Issue 136

Issue 136

Winter 2020

Midwifery Today Cover Issue 136Theme: Homebirth

Homebirth is best, when possible. We are seeing it increase during the pandemic because women are afraid to go to the hospital, because of fear of exposure and policies that prohibit them from having support persons available. This issue has articles related to homebirth, as well as birth stories, complementary care, and international birth experiences.

Cover photo by Esther Edith (estheredith.com). Esther is a birth photographer and doula in Spokane, Washington. She is married to a philosophy professor and has three children. Esther is passionate about her Christian faith and sees every birth as a miraculous gift of life—each is an incredible honor to capture. Having grown up in India, she has always had a passion for women’s rights and organically stepped into the birth world to help women have a voice and know their options in childbirth.

Pictured: Big brother Elam holds his baby brother, Aesop, for the first time after a beautiful waterbirth at home.

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