Midwifery Today Issue 98

Issue 98

Summer 2011

Midwifery Today Issue 98Theme :Second Stage

Jackie Willome loves to capture life’s most precious moments for her clients. It was through her experience with her son’s home-then-hospital birth that she fell in love with birth photography. She lives in New Braunfels, Texas, with her husband, Andy, and 15-month-old son, Hudson. Her portfolio and recent work can be found at www.jackiewillomephotography.com.

Photo: Transitional Phase of a New Childbirth Paradigm:
Slovenia on the Crossroad.

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  • Poetry
  • From the Editor
    Jan Tritten reflects on second stage complications and the midwife’s role. Sometimes patient waiting, tempered with wisdom of when, and how, to act is the safest, healthiest way to bring new life into the world.
  • Networking
  • Tricks of the Trade
  • Marion’s Message
    Cultural imperialism can have a pervasive, sometimes subtle influence on the work of a midwife. Marion Topeke McLean discusses how to detect imperialistic attitudes and practices, and ways to nurture cultural sensitivity.
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International Midwife

  • Cards & Letters
  • Transitional Phase of a New Childbirth Paradigm: Slovenia on the CrossroadZalka Drglin
    Researcher and birth activist Zalka Drglin takes you inside Slovenia for a first-hand look at a country very much at the crossroad.
  • In Search of HopeGomer Ben Moshe and Mindy Levy 
    “In recent years, 20,000 asylum seekers have arrived in Israel from Africa, by way of the Egyptian desert.” Authors Ben Moshe and Levy recount the stories of four refugee women who found their way to the Carmel Shelter for women and children.
  • Three Stories, Two Continents, One Birth JourneyIndira Lopez-Bassols 
    Starting in her native Mexico and ending up in London, England, doula and mama Indira Lopez-Bassols birthed three children—and herself—through a transformative birth journey.
  • Planned Homebirth in Brazil with Nurse-Midwife Assistance: Perceptions of Women and Companions—Mayra de Freitas Calvette, Evanguelia Kotzias Atherino dos Santos, Vania Sorgatto Collaço, Bruna Granemann, and Leonara De Bona Dario
    The birth culture in Brazil is complex and the country’s private hospitals have some of the highest c-section rates in the world. This article by a group of nurse-midwives shares the results of a recent study investigating Brazilian women’s perceptions of planned homebirth assisted by a nurse-midwife.
  • Due for Change?—Rachel Bee
    Due dates can be helpful, but often unreliable. Rachel Bee reviews common dating methods and considers their impact on the psychology of birth.
  • The Story of Bridget Shevlane: A Labor of LoveRose Mary Danforth 
    Take a trip to 19th century Ireland, where the village midwife was truly a “Jill of all trades.”

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