Midwifery Today Issue 100

Issue 100

Winter 2011/2012

Midwifery Today Issue 100Theme: Third Stage

The third stage of labor is “a powerful and mysterious time; more important than we acknowledge and more complex than we know.” From the initial signs of active labor to baby’s first breaths, we explore the various facets of third stage, including what happens beyond the birth room door, a father’s reflections on labor and controversial issues surrounding third stage “management.” Multicultural considerations of midwifery and birth stories from around the world are also included. Plus, we are celebrating our 100th issue with a special spread dedicated to our favorite question and answer lists. We asked—you answered!

This playful cover design by graphic designer Cathy Guy includes the cover of Issue #1; can you find it?

This playful cover design by MT Graphic Designer Cathy Guy includes the cover of Issue #1; can you find it?

Photographers from past issues of Midwifery Today in collage: Michele Anderson—pinkletoes.com, Elizabeth Boyce—earthmamaphotography.com, Caroline Brown—carolineebrownwebfolio.com, Lora Denton—loradentonphotography.com, Ed Embler, Bonnie Gruenberg—bonniegphotography.zenfolio.com, Natasha Hance—NHancephotography.com, Harriette Hartigan—harriettehartigan.com, Amber Jordan—photographybyamber.com, M. Kim—PermeableLight.com, Laurie Ludes—laurielphotography.com, Patti Ramos—pattiramos.com, Lynsey Stone—dfwbirthphotographer.com, Lyndsay Stradtner—lifeinmotionphotography.com, Jackie Willome—jackiewillomephotography.com

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  • Poetry
  • From the Editor: Lessons from Kitty Birth: Using Placenta to Control Hemorrhage
    Jan Tritten reflects on the wisdom of animal birth. Simply being with woman (or “with kitty”) and allowing the birth process to unfold naturally often produces the best results.
  • Networking
  • Tricks of the Trade
  • Marion’s Message
    Although many women experience coercive and traumatic hospital births, others fully trust their OB/GYN and prefer to birth in a clinical setting. Women must choose their allies in birth carefully while remaining mindful that castigating all OB care providers does a great disservice to those medical professionals who observe and respect human and childbirth rights.
  • Media Reviews
  • News
  • Classified Advertising
  • Calendar
  • Photo Album


International Midwife

  • Cards & Letters
  • The Strong Women—Seraphim Klinefelter
    A father tells the story of how an Alutiiq woman’s wisdom inspired his wife to pursue midwifery and homebirth, and how she kept the tradition of the Strong Women alive while enduring a complicated hospital delivery.
  • With the Grace of God We Shall Deliver This BabySonia Richardson
    While in England, a green Italian midwife struggles to help her African client deliver and quickly realizes the implications of cultural differences in midwifery.
  • Monsoon Baby: Born in Water, by the WaterLina Duncan
    Like stormy weather, birth brings “people together in the community to laugh and smile about the situation and to make the best of it!”
  • Rebirth of Ixmucané: Antigua, Guatemala—Jenna Houston and Chloe Gans-Rugebregt
    Now defunct, a revolutionary birth center established in Guatemala lives on in the vestiges of Midwives for Midwifes, which continues the center’s vision of midwifery training and advocacy.

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