Join us in Finland this October!

Conference 2017.7.16 NEW!

Plan now to attend our conference in Helsinki, Finland, 4–8 October 2017. “Trust, Intimacy and Love—The Chemistry of Connection” will offer over 40 different classes, including a full‐day session on Midwifery Skills and two full days on Rebozo Techniques and Practice. Save on conference fees when you register by the 24 July 2017 deadline.

There’s No Place like Home

Editorial 2017.7.6

Our developing insights into the microbiome have the potential to change everything regarding homebirth for moms—if we can get the word out about its importance to a healthy life. We will need to work on this from all spheres of influence. Read More

Join us in New Jersey next spring!

Conference 2017.7.6

“Love Is the Essence of Midwifery” will feature teachers such as Mary Cooper, Elizabeth Davis, Lisa Goldstein, Gail Hart and Fernando Molina. You’ll be able to choose from over 50 classes, including Herbs and Homeopathy, Shoulder Dystocia and Becoming a Midwife. Plan now to attend!

Sage Femme

Article 2017.6.6

Have a cup of tea with me—a cup of garden sage tea, Salvia officinalis. It will do your memory good, and your digestion, too; it can even lower your blood sugar and improve your cholesterol ratios. And, yes, I think it is safe, even if you are pregnant or nursing. [Photo by] Read More

Postpartum Mood Disorders

Article 2017.5.8

The term postpartum depression (PPD) can be misleading. It is perhaps an over-simplified and poor description of the array of experiences that postpartum women can have. The experience of PPD is much broader and can encompass much more than feelings of depression. Read More

Cancer of the Cervix and the Midwife

Article 2017.4.25

Birth attendants need to learn about cervical cancer, to understand and teach about it. Why? Although potentially fatal, cervical cancer is slow growing. Death is almost always preventable, with early detection and treatment. Read More

Stop Cutting: The Right to Bodily Integrity

Article 2017.3.14

Author and midwife Jane Beal discusses female genital mutilation and what can be done to eliminate cutting within a community that practices it routinely. Read More

Microbiome and Health

Article 2017.2.23

To better guide pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, author and physician Fernando Molina helps readers to understand the affect the microorganisms in intestinal flora have on influencing overall health. [Photo by Lynsey Stone] Read More

Connection and Empathy

Article 2017.2.13

When eminent psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Daniel Siegel asked over 65,000 mental health professionals face-to-face in lecture halls around the world if they had ever had a course on the mind or on mental health, 95% replied no. We can imagine what the scenario is for midwives and other birth-related professionals. [Photo by Jennifer Mason] Read More

Placenta rituals, remedies and recipes…

Featured Product 2017.7.6

…are what you’ll find in Placenta: The Gift of Life. Read this book to discover the various ways placentas have been used by people around the world and throughout the ages. You’ll also find 15 recipes that will show you how to use the placenta in ointments, essences and other remedies for a variety of ailments. Order your copy here.

EmerGently Brochure Available—Birth Is Normal!

News 2016.5.30

This pamphlet was designed by the Global Midwifery Council to address the crisis in childbirth worldwide. Simple graphics depict the most essential guidelines for a normal, healthy birth. Communicating directly without even the need for language, it is designed to assist safe birth in the deepest reaches of the planet. Available as a free download or durable glossy brochures to put in clinics, shelters, fire and police stations, libraries, schools and hospitals.

Trick of the Trade

Weekly Feature 2017.7.16 NEW!

Palpation may reveal a nuchal hand. A slow, guided delivery is important. I have seen a birth with nuchal hand happen without a tear. Hot compresses to stretch the perineum were used. Downward guidance was used to keep the woman from tearing upward.

— Beth, E-News 1:52

Quotable Quote

Weekly Feature 2017.7.16 NEW!

Let us not forget the natural gifts that Mother Nature has given us, for in these gifts lies the wisdom that brings forth all life.

— Jill Cohen