Midwifing a Movement

ARTICLE  2014.12.17  NEW!
Seeds_hand_BDunne_cr120 (12K)“One of my favorite things to do is walk in my garden. My husband and I grow a lot of our food, and I love walking through my beds, observing, planning and just being. Along with midwifery, gardening is a passion of mine. That is why I am so thankful I met Emilee Gettle, who, like me, runs a magazine. Emilee is a leader in the healthy food movement.” Read this editorial by Jan Tritten from Midwifery Today Issue 112. [ PHOTO BY BRIAN DUNNE / BAKER CREEK HEIRLOOM SEEDS ] READ MORE…

“Pillars of Midwifery: Insight, Information and Intuition”

CONFERENCE  2014.12.8
Join us for our conference in Bad Wildbad, Germany this fall. You’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of classes including Hemorrhage, Spinning Babies, Breech, Mexican Techniques and Shoulder Dystocia. Planned teachers include Carol Gautschi, Gail Hart, Sister MorningStar, Gail Tully, Debra Pascali-Bonaro and Michel Odent. LEARN MORE…

My favorite waterbirth

E-NEWS  2014.11.21
“It started one fall morning in 1987, the day dawning clear and calm. For weeks I had been waiting, along with Steve, my rowing partner and friend, for just such a day. … With thoughts of ‘no time like the present’ and ‘time’s a wastin’, I waded in and began my swim.” Waterbirth is the theme of the current issue of Midwifery Today E-News. Read responses about benefits of waterbirth. SIGN UP FOR FREE NEWSLETTER ] READ MORE…

Journey with a Birth Theme

ARTICLE  2014.12.3
Midwife Aneke Schmittner of Playa del Carmen, Mexico“After my daughter, Mandy, graduated from college in May, she and I began planning a graduation celebration trip. Her dad was happy to stay at home and feed the cat. As coordinator of Midwifery Today’s country contacts and the one who updates our online international pages, I was eager to include visits to some of the people with whom I’ve been in contact. We chose Mexico and Belize and set about packing.“ [ PHOTO PROVIDED BY AUTHOR ] READ MORE…

Tribute to a Maverick

ARTICLE  2014.11.21
Article by Ina May Gaskin: The dynamic influence of the Gaskin duo reaches far and wide, and in this touching piece, Ina May gives tribute to her beloved husband, Stephen, who recently passed away. “Anyone who knows the story about how I became a midwife knows very well that it would not have happened without Stephen. He opened up a path for me to become a midwife in the US during a time when hardly anyone was aware that nurse-midwifery existed, a time when comparatively few people even knew what a midwife was.” READ MORE…

What Is a Village Prenatal?

ARTICLE  2014.10.21
“About two years ago, my intentional community started what we call village prenatals. ‘Village’ because they involve many women…. The village prenatals have a sole purpose, which is to gather out of selfless service to support and encourage the instinctual life of pregnant women who are trying to birth in power against a modern current of fear and an environment of perpetual interventions.” Read this article from Issue 111 of Midwifery Today. READ MORE…

Why Aren’t More Breech Babies Born at Home? A Student Midwife’s Perspective

ARTICLE  2014.10.21
Student midwife Karin Peacock has witnessed the normalcy of breech birth, so she asked the obvious question: Why aren’t more breech babies born at home? Read this article from Issue 111 of Midwifery Today. READ MORE…

Prematurity Is Preventable

ARTICLE  2014.10.7
“As a midwife, I attended over 300 births and I only had one case of prematurity. That…one birth changed our practice and caused us to carefully tally protein and other nutrients. The birth that changed us was our one case of prematurity. We looked back on this mother’s diet sheet to see what the issue might have been and found the answers in her lack of nutrition.” Read this editorial by Jan Tritten from Midwifery Today Issue 111. READ MORE…

Catharina Schrader: A Midwife of 18th-Century Friesland

ARTICLE  2014.8.24
“Her path to professional midwifery was not an easy one. When she was 38 years old and the mother of six young children, her first husband died. To support her family, she began to work as a midwife. As she indicates, this was partially because both the doctors and townspeople were urgently pressing her to help them. As the wife of a surgeon, she had apparently assisted at difficult births and complicated situations did not prevent her from acting quickly in emergencies to save the lives of mother and baby whenever possible.” READ MORE…

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Trick of the Trade

WEEKLY FEATURE  2014.12.14  NEW!
I am an aspiring midwifery student in Germany. The midwives and doctors here use tea tree oil on the suture wound. A few days after a woman has had an episiotomy or has torn, she is given a syringe with the needle still attached, filled with tea tree oil. She is then shown how to use a mirror to see her wound and to drop a few drops of this wonderfully cool oil directly on it. If she is not comfortable doing this, the postpartum midwife will apply the oil. Putting the oil in the syringe with a needle allows accurate application. This is standard practice here and from personal experience, I can attest that it really works well.
— Kiersten Figurski, E-News 1:44

Quotable Quote

WEEKLY FEATURE  2014.12.14  NEW!
When midwives allow their right of self determination to be taken away, they seriously diminish the opportunities for women everywhere to determine their own childbirth destinies.
— Valerie El Halta