AngelinaP3280069_w93 (16K)Angelina Martinez Miranda discusses Mexican Traditions and Techniques

Conference 2015.8.18

This full-day class covers positioning, remedies and customs from Mexico, simple techniques that promote healthy pregnancy and birth. You will learn how to use a rebozo, a very useful tool in all parts of the childbearing cycle. Plus you will practice what you are learning under Angelina’s watchful guidance. Part of our conference in Bad Wildbad, Germany. Learn More

Wise Nutrition for Pregnancy

Article 2015.8.18

Midwife Sister MorningStar shares a handout-like article full of wise nutrition tips. “Eating healthy foods is one the greatest gifts we can give our unborn babies to insure their proper physical and mental development. Combined with fresh air, pure water, daily exercise, a gentle lifestyle and nurturing relationships, what we eat truly creates a body and baby who radiate health and happiness.”

A Surprise Breech at Home

E-News 2015.8.19

We were so excited to meet our baby! We had not had a single ultrasound during the pregnancy. We felt confident in our midwife and reassured by the sound of our child’s strong heartbeat. … The baby had been head down and in an opportune position for weeks now, as felt by two midwives. We had every reason to expect a safe and beautiful homebirth. Breech Birth is the theme of the current issue of Midwifery Today E-News. Sign Up for Free Newsletter ] Read More

Global Birth Models

Article 2015.8.10

We have chosen five key factors that cut across all projects featured. All of these key ingredients are aimed at reducing maternal and neonatal mortality rates. In order to fully grasp the “secret sauce” of each model, the five factors combined with other innovative aspects will paint a picture of what has been effective and why. 1) Sustainability—the ability to meet basic commitments and needs on an ongoing basis for the communities in which they work. Note that the ability to be self-sustaining is a goal of some projects and a fulfilled promise for others at this point in time.

Posterior Questions and Answers

Article 2015.7.13

’Why Can It Be a Problem? It can be considered a problem to labor with a posterior baby, but it isn’t always! I have had moms without complaint give birth to a posterior baby and be surprised when baby came out looking up at them! However, mom may complain of more back pain, and labor may take a bit or a lot longer (but how do we really know?).” Read More

There’s No Place Like Home

Editorial 2015.6.17

’The thing is, we midwives, doulas and other informed birth practitioners have always known that homebirth is safer. … We know when and how to stand aside and be watchful as the beauty and uniqueness of each motherbaby unfolds their birth journey—unfolding from one being into two. We are also ever ready for emergencies during the birth, and we are vigilant during prenatals to suggest and educate in order to prevent certain emergencies from happening.” Read More

The Revolution So Far

Article 2015.6.8

Diana Paul gets readers up to date on the Birth Revolution. ’The Birth Revolution is like the slow food movement—it takes time to cook, it tastes best in community and a small taste leaves you wanting more.” Read More

After the Disaster: What Comes Next in the Philippines

Article 2015.6.1

Midwife Vicki Penwell shares the experience she and other helpers from Mercy In Action had in their successful attempts to provide midwifery care to those affected by Hurricane Yolanda. Read More

Get practical information about how to have a natural birth in any setting

Featured Product 2015.8.10

The Down to Earth Birth Book has information on herbs, nutrition, exercise, yoga, massage, breathing for birth, the stages of labor, waterbirth, breech birth, mastitis, foods for early breastfeeding and much more. You will also find diagrams, illustrations and over 90 color and black and white photos. This is a book you will return to time and again for information on birth preparation, as an in-the-moment birth guide, and as a reference for after the birth. View Product

Trick of the Trade

Weekly Feature 2015.8.30 NEW!

I read of a midwife who found it very effective to use a flashlight on the mother's abdomen in a very dark room to encourage a breech baby to turn. She would slowly move the light in the direction she wished the fetus to turn.

— Rayner Garner, E-News 2:8

Quotable Quote

Weekly Feature 2015.8.30 NEW!

It is no small coincidence that midwives who cultivate faith in the process of birth often have practices that are markedly joyful.

— Caroline Eustice