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There’s No Place Like Home

Editorial 2015.6.17

’The thing is, we midwives, doulas and other informed birth practitioners have always known that homebirth is safer. … We know when and how to stand aside and be watchful as the beauty and uniqueness of each motherbaby unfolds their birth journey—unfolding from one being into two. We are also ever ready for emergencies during the birth, and we are vigilant during prenatals to suggest and educate in order to prevent certain emergencies from happening.” Read More

The Revolution So Far

Article 2015.6.8

Diana Paul gets readers up to date on the Birth Revolution. ’The Birth Revolution is like the slow food movement—it takes time to cook, it tastes best in community and a small taste leaves you wanting more.” Read More

When is it a good time for a pregnant woman to see a chiropractor?

E-News 2015.6.23 NEW!

In answering this question, I often discuss the different goals of chiropractic in pregnancy. These goals include alleviating pain and discomforts for a happier and more comfortable pregnancy, maximizing function of the pelvic joints allowing greater movement during pregnancy and opening during labor, encouraging optimal nerve function for coordinated and effective labor function and balancing pelvic bones and soft tissue structures to encourage optimal fetal positioning, thereby increasing optimal birth outcomes. Chiropractic Use in Pregnancy is the theme of the current issue of Midwifery Today E-News. Sign Up for Free Newsletter ] Read More

After the Disaster: What Comes Next in the Philippines

Article 2015.6.1

Midwife Vicki Penwell shares the experience she and other helpers from Mercy In Action had in their successful attempts to provide midwifery care to those affected by Hurricane Yolanda. Read More

Crossing Borders with Andrea

Article 2015.4.29

“Andrea called me at my home in the US, and we discussed her experiences, her past, her feelings, the doctor’s actions and statements, Andrea’s desires, needs, people resources and her instinctual knowing. Andrea’s expected due date was November 24 and it was November 29 when she called me again. She spoke of her confusion with the medical way with birth and her own instinct that it should be a natural straightforward event. Fear dominated the birth stories that circled around her. ‘Every time I interact with the medical people, I become filled with fear. Otherwise, I feel calm.’ Andrea decided to keep waiting.” Read More

Collaboration Is KEY

Article 2015.4.29

Despite our best efforts as midwives, providing high quality prenatal care, educating and empowering our clients and being ever vigilant in knowing normal and when to intervene, we will always have women who require the care of physicians and hospitals. The ability to facilitate that transfer of care in a timely, professional and compassionate manner should be the standard of care, not the exception. Read More

The Deadly Itch: How My Midwives Saved My Babies’ Lives

Article 2015.3.3

Not many are familiar with intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy (ICP), a condition that causes intense itching. What is surprising about ICP, that even fewer people realize, is that it can be a deadly disease. A mom shares her experience with ICP in this eye-opening first-hand account. Read More

Fiji, the Land of Smiles

Article 2015.3.19

Facebook has proven itself to be a great way to meet midwives from other countries, and this is how I met sister midwives from Fiji. I made friends with Merewairita Valu, who then introduced me to Chandra Kanta. Sometimes you meet people on e-mail or Facebook and you know immediately that you are going to be the best of friends. That is how it was with both Merewairita and Chandra. Our like-mindedness was immediately felt and our concern for motherbaby and midwives was an obvious calling. Read More

See how birth should be

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This 4-disc DVD set from La Primavera Maternidad Clinica gives you over 7 hours of birth footage. Jan Tritten says: “The births shown in this DVD set are the most beautiful births I have ever seen on film. They are so gentle and work so well with nature, they show how birth should be conducted in a very gentle, hands-off kind of way.” The set is in Spanish only, but our shared humanity makes them completely relatable. View Product

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Trick of the Trade

Weekly Feature 2015.6.28 NEW!

Vulvar Swelling:

The key to reducing vulvar swelling during pregnancy is to get circulation going. Pelvic rock and rolls can shift the baby if it is blocking blood flow. Women should try sitz baths with yarrow, witch hazel bark and sea salt. They can also do alternating sitz baths-switching from very hot to very cold and back. Use two five-gallon buckets or other large containers that can accommodate the bottom in the tub, filling one with hot and the other with cold.

— Helena Wu, Midwifery Today Issue 75

Quotable Quote

Weekly Feature 2015.6.28 NEW!

Birth is not logical.

— Gloria Lemay