Outside the Evidence: Births Missing from the Research

Article 2016.4.26

The author provides a thought-provoking article about the biases found in birth research. “All of the high level medical evidence is flawed because it only reflects what happens at institutions that are big enough to do research. I’d like to call this institutional bias or academic bias, but those titles are both taken by other concepts. For lack of a better term, let’s call it research hospital bias.” [Photo by Monet Moutrie] Read More

First Hours after Birth: Family Integration and Mutual Regulation

E-News 2016.4.28 NEW!

“Regardless of how the drama unfolds, the mother’s reaction is correct. Once the intense experience of labor and birth is over, whether orgasmic, ecstatic, triumphant, tedious, disappointing, exhausting or traumatic, she may need time to internalize the reality that she is no longer in labor—it is over and she has her baby.” —Penny Simkin Read more of this article excerpt in the current E-News, the theme of which is First Hour after Birth. Sign Up for Free Newsletter ] Read more.

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Midwifery Society of Nepal offers 2nd National Conference

News 2016.4.26

Midwifery Society of Nepal is going to organize 2nd National Conference on 4–5 May 2016 with the theme of “Reaching to unreached Women: Strengthening midwifery services post-earthquake in-line with the policy decision 2006 in Nepal.” The sub-themes of the conference include Humanitarian services to women and children in post-earthquake 2015, Strengthening midwifery skills in improving maternal and newborn health in achieving Sustainable Development Goals, and more. —Laxmi Tamang, RN, BN, MPH, PhD, Lead Co-Founding member of APS Birth Centre and Midwifery Society of Nepal. Learn more.

30 Years and Still Going Strong!

Article 2016.3.29

“My desire with Midwifery Today was to fill the void of timely information but I wanted to do it in an artistic way, with photos, art, poetry and columns of information germane to our practices. The original goal was to midwife midwives and now it also includes encouraging and informing doulas, childbirth educators, moms and anyone else who is in involved with birth.” Midwifery Today’s editor-in-chief celebrates MT’s 30-year anniversary by honoring 13 of the magazine’s most loyal contributors and gentle birth advocates. Read More

MORNINGSTAR78child (3K)The Newly Born: Gazing and Human Development

Article 2016.3.1

This article by midwife Sister MorningStar provides the reader with insight into newborns and their needs, paying close attention to their sense of sight and the newborn’s inclination to gaze at his mother. Read More

Stress Deprivation in the Perinatal Period

Article 2016.2.16

“In the framework of our cultural conditioning, stress has a negative connotation: we must avoid stressful situations. Meanwhile, in the current scientific context, it appears that stress hormones have multiple roles to play and the concept of ‘stress deprivation’ has recently emerged in scholarly articles. We’ll look at birth by pre-labor cesarean as an extreme example of stress deprivation.” Read More

Babysafe Mode—Getting Smarter about Smart Technology and Pregnancy

Article 2016.2.1

Learning about the BabySafe Project has made me realize how ill-informed I’ve been about smart technology. I now take the extra moment to toggle my smart phone and devices between wi-fi (for when I need to be connected) and airplane mode (for when I don’t). I’m discovering that I need to be connected much less than I had thought… Read More

Be Prepared for Hemorrhage

Featured Product 2016.4.26

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Trick of the Trade

Weekly Feature 2016.5.1 NEW!

I believe a lot of breeches happen in second and subsequent pregnancies because the mother is carrying a 30-pound two-year-old on her 'bump' for the entire pregnancy. If the baby is breech, that weight on his head every day can predispose him to settle into the pelvis in that position. Warn the mother of a toddler not to use her pregnant belly as a platform for heavy objects of any kind. Dad can carry the two-year-old more often, or she can use her hip as a support.

— Gloria Lemay, E-News 1:7

Quotable Quote

Weekly Feature 2016.5.1 NEW!

Most midwives espouse the cyclical and flowing model of nature and change. We view the woman's body as normal and healthy in its own right. Our role as midwives is to guard and sanctify the natural process.

— Kate Bowland, CNM