CPD Credits approved for conference in Australia!

CONFERENCE  2014.9.23
The Australian College of Midwives (ACM) has accredited this program as a continuing professional development (CPD) activity under the ACM’s MidPLUS program. MidPLUS Points have been approved for midwives who complete this activity (equivalent to the number of actual activity hours). For more information about ACM’s MidPLUS program, please visit their website. Plan now to attend! LEARN MORE…

Pelvises open at three stretch points…

E-NEWS  2014.9.23
…the symphisis pubis and the two sacroiliac joints. These points are full of relaxin hormones—the pelvis literally begins falling apart at about 34 weeks of pregnancy. “The Pelvis” is the theme of the current issue of Midwifery Today E-News. Read an excerpt of this article by Gloria Lemay: “Pelvises I Have Known and Loved” Read responses to: “What Knowledge Is Needed about the Pelvis?” SIGN UP FOR FREE NEWSLETTER ] READ MORE…

Prematurity—The beautiful Autumn issue of Midwifery Today magazine is back from the printer!

MAGAZINE  2014.9.18
Learn about prematurity—its causes, ways to prevent it and how best to handle it. The best of the best have shared their birth wisdom with us in this issue. Herbalist Susun S. Weed shares some of her knowledge on herbs, and midwives Diane Goslin, Sister MorningStar and Marlene Waechter draw from their decades of experience to help educate us on this important topic. LEARN MORE…

Subscription Sale for Students!

Special prices on Midwifery Today magazine! Act fast! This offer expires October 31 (postmark or fax by the expiration date). VIEW SPECIAL OFFER…

Catharina Schrader: A Midwife of 18th-Century Friesland

ARTICLE  2014.8.24
“Her path to professional midwifery was not an easy one. When she was 38 years old and the mother of six young children, her first husband died. To support her family, she began to work as a midwife. As she indicates, this was partially because both the doctors and townspeople were urgently pressing her to help them. As the wife of a surgeon, she had apparently assisted at difficult births and complicated situations did not prevent her from acting quickly in emergencies to save the lives of mother and baby whenever possible.” READ MORE…

How does our way of birth affect future generations?

ARTICLE  2014.7.18
Midwife Marion Toepke McLean discusses this interesting topic. “Lack of a healthy immune system may produce inflammation-based chronic diseases, as well as allergies and auto-immune disorders. Cesarean babies and babies who lack early contact with their mothers have been noted to have an increased incidence of these conditions….” Read this article from Midwifery Today Issue 110. READ MORE…

The Art and Soul of Midwifery: Creativity in Practice, Education and Research

REVIEW  2014.7.11
Review by Sarah Harwell. “Editor Lorna Davies has put together a diverse collection of writings that thoughtfully explore the intersections of art, creativity and midwifery. Birth art, craft, theater, dance and poetry are some of the art forms explored in-depth.” READ MORE…

The Doula Business Guide; Creating a Successful MotherBaby Business

REVIEW  2014.6.30
Review by Toni Rakestraw. “The Doula Business Guide is a step-by-step guide to setting up your doula business. From writing your business plan to tax issues, this book will be a great asset to doulas everywhere who need to know more about the business side of things.” READ MORE…

Learn about Shoulder Dystocia and Malpresentations with Midwifery Today’s new 4-CD Audio Set

When you order this CD set you’ll be able to listen to Gail Hart, Mary Cooper and Ina May Gaskin as they discuss a variety of important topics. Material covered includes how to identify true vs. false shoulder dystocia, how nutrition can be one of the best methods of prevention and how to assist shoulder dystocia when it does happen during birth. Also included is information about malpresentations such as twin, breech and asynclitic births and brow, face and periatel presentations. VIEW PRODUCT…

Learn about midwifery education!

Are you an aspiring midwife who’s looking for the right school? Are you a practicing midwife who would like to learn more? Visit our Education Opportunities page to discover ways to start or continue your education. LEARN MORE…

Trick of the Trade

For women with a history of precipitous labor: Have a (doula) friend who is familiar with emergency childbirth with you.
— Chava Weiman, E-News 2:10

Quotable Quote

The ultimate lack of trust/faith in the power of babies to be born in conformity with nature resolves itself in the cesarean section.
— Ellen C. Waff, RN